DLS Near-Set Dailies

Near-Set Dailies – The Mobile Hero Dailies Cart creates dailies for TV, feature film and music video’s. This is the creative area we enjoy so much. With cutting edge dailies workstations, the dailies technician, a skilled colorist, matches cameras shooting the scene, matches the wides with the close ups, dialing in a pleasing tonality creating the first layer toward the final DI color session. We get in sync with the DP and the color house to form a strong pipeline insuring what the DP desires the DP gets. This means we use software and workflow that matches that of the DI facility. This is referred to as the End 2 End workflow, and it has proved to save money overall.

Once metadata has been added (which adds important scene and take info), the original 2nd audio from the mixer is carefully added, and synced perfectly to the audio file. Color is applied, burn-ins and necessary watermarks are added then rendered to the required deliverables, H.264 for web dailies, DPX, VFX Pulls, and MXF Avid or ProRes for FCP.

Our workflow also includes our own Mobile Hero Web Dailies Service. Here you can access your dailies via a secure web connection, sharing your dailies with the key people on your team; on computer, tablet or smart phones. What’s great about our service is, while it’s as secure and user friendly as the most expensive services, the cost is surprisingly low, $400 for 50GB monthly